Haruru 「Haruta」 was one of the patient in Tödlich Asylum with 1st of Schizophrenia types. Which is childish type. Lived in floor 2 of Asylum.

「 この乙女ゲームは本当に僕はクレイジー作る 」

Ciell Haruta Aldrich







14-15 years old


Kyoto, 14th February

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Tödlich - Patient



Base of Operations

Tödlich Asylum, floor 2

Personal Status



James Aldrich - Father
Lucianna Kousaka - Mother
Lavi - Big Brother


Created things instead of using magic



Japanese Voice

Reu Liz

 『Appearance』 Edit

Haruru habitually wear its uniform with a shield in its left shoulder. Bring a katana, its other suits is such relaxed kind like sweater, t-shirt and animal mimi, depending on his moods.The hair is gray with zircon eyes. If its at home its only animal mimi that typically its was wearing. Its stature and voice is looks like a woman no wonder if everyone thinks its a woman, it is because its mother who would like to have a daughter, sometimes its mother bought some dress. Nor does its father realize that its a man.


『Personality 』 Edit

Haruru got a disorganized schizoprenia this disorder are often if its talking in unbelievable things, and sometimes its emotions are not steady, this is because of the mother. He doesn't understand what happend and what made by its mother when its was young. Suitable for the 'innocent' type yet with crazy behavior. its Mother put a chip in its brain, which can make its to create something not like mahou [magician]. Its Katana is the key to hold back and take control of the forces that were in the chips. Its always stick on someone that its think special.


Born from the couple of Japanese's best professors. its mother is a crazy in research that made the child was involved. Haruru being born with the native name ciell haruta aldrich, truth is its a boy but she heard that the birth is a boy, she fall sad, not only the hope having a daughter not be reached but haruru also being born with the iris of different colors, the mother sure haruru is 'failed kid', when the age of haruru treading six months, his mother experimented crossed him. Make it look like a girl also the iris of different colors that she even managed to cover it with color of zircon, a throw of the color of light in a chip on his body. Actually her husband intend to prevent all of his wife wants to do, a moment he saw the iris of haruru he began to helped his wife .Who wants to have a children with heterochromia? no one, all couples in this world must be afraid if their children invited an evil.

And finally haruru reborn with stature like that. When the age of five, they decided to educated haruru becoming a daughter by the maternal side, while paternal he educated being a young master. Too many pressures from both sides make haruru stress, no play time for him, nobody accompanying him, read a fable stories for him at night. Pressures from both sides create disturbances in himself, schizoprenia disorder. His grandfather who does not reside in japan at the time, heard the news that his grandson born is the son of which brings misfortune, do not believe whit it the grandfather flying directly from england to japan. Cute kid and tractable, polite to his grandfather. Secret from what happened to his grandson finally being revealed, the grandfather mad with his son and daughter-in-law, he sent someone carrying away haruru from family-home to a safe place where they will not touch Haruru as an experimentation and fulfill their selfish desire. Haruru then being treated by one of the people trusted by his granpa, and that he was first acquainted otome game. Because haruru never could have a friend and he spends his time by playing game. Felt his grandson was safe the grandpa back to england to take care of everything there.Year after year passed, haruru reached the age of 10. The year when he was anxious to have a friend. That is when he met a weird boy, the first time he met a stranger he did not know how must he do, but this boy is not reluctant to talk to him eventually they were friends, and the name of haruru it comes from him, the man who until now he did not know of his name still looming in his memory and seems eager to meet him. But he can't.


  • Control or make anything with just imagining it
  • He can eat sweets all day along without having toothaches
  • He can jump from a high place without having injury.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Erasing memories.
  • Creation of a familiar in any form he chooses, such as a bat able to convey message and a wolf from which he can receive information instantly. His familiar is also strong enough to carry another person and wields his telekinetic powers.
  • Transformation of his blood into a weapon.
  • Changing the physicality of his body. i.e. changing his body into an infant.
  • Teleportation
  • Anthokinesis
  • Chionokinesis



James Aldrich

Handsome and friendly looking man either outside or inside, he is one of best Japanese's professor,  though he born in a mafia family, he managed to demonstrate that the mafia can also be a highly educated. 

James ' fact (s): Verily he deeply loved Haruru but for the sake of the future of his family he was forced to create Haruru become that way.


Lucianna Kousaka

A French-Japanese, also one of the best professor and expert in their field, are very a pride of families. Her family moves in the field of industrial music opera. Her claim as the successor cannot hinder it reaching what she wanted. If you're researching it will forget the time. A mother who wants everything perfect. 

Lucianna's fact (s): she kept a warm maternal affection but for some things, rumors if it has a child with iris heterochromia will bring havoc made her destroy the affection.

Relationships Edit

  • Lavi-nii : A man who is thought to be lousy but superb, Haruru is his foster brother, he preserves and pampers Haruru. But now he is being very busy rarely allowed him to visit him.


『Quotes 』 Edit

  • “Haruru is in love with an ikwemen guy!”
  • “Bhuuu bhuuu Haruru still want to play!”
  • “……Mother ka…? Uhm…”

Trivia Edit

  • He’s bad with women.
  • He thinks that he can’t blend with other people.
  • Always talking with a weird language.
  • He is into Boys-Love thingy.
  • He said he always hoping an ikemen guy will do kokuhaku to him.
  • Talking in both Japanese and English at the same time.
  • His favorite food is macaroon.  
  • His animal is panda
  • Everywhere he goes, he carries a katana and swing lightly like it was a wooden sword. 
  • FC : Hotarumaru, Kurohibi, and Karkat