past - present


Roderika Althee Yvonne Gottschalk



Gātorūdo· Gottosharuku


Gertrude Gottschalk
Ginger (by Lilianne and Atlas)
Wunderkind Healer
Slap-able sleepy girl (by Carsten)


Human (currently in disguising)
Demigod (actual)




biologically 21 years old


British (current) Swiss (former)


Geneva, March 20

Hair Color


Eye Color

changeable at will

Blood Type


Professional Status

Eleftheria Organisation
British Judo Association
St. Claraspital
Todlich Asylum

Previous Affiliation

Exousires Organisation


Internist, psychiatrist

Base of Operations

Poseidon Headquarters, Greece British Judo Association, United Kingdom St. Claraspital, Switzerland Todlich Asylum

Personal Status



Enhanced Healing, Biokinesis (unactivated)

Immunity of Illusion Scientiakinesis


daggers on garters.

Gertrude Gottschalk (@BedimAltruism) is an ingenious, sangfroid doctor who is currently working at Todlich Asylum.

Was born to God of Healing, Asclepius and a mortal physician, Apollo was shown to has a great endearment toward her that she was bestowed with abysmal ingenuity and lucrative abilities as a demigod. However, a sepulchral incident was happened to her life and thus she decided to to use only few abilities of hers and disguising as a human.

Etymology Edit

Her last name Gottschalk derived from a medieval personal name composed of Middle High German got ‘God’ (Old High German got) + scalh ‘servant’, ‘serf’ (Old High German scalc). Meanwhile Roderika is a feminine name of Roderick, which means "famous power" from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and ric "power". Heinrich Gottschalk gave her this first name as a sign of gratitude toward Asclepius who had entrusted His mortal wife and a baby demigod, as he also believed that her power won't be fruitless but useful and famous in the future, just like her half-brothers Podalirius and Machaon.

The middle names of hers was given in accordance with mundane habits, given as hereditary of grandparents and parents. Middle name Althee derived from her mother who is a Greek, which is a variation of the Greek name Althaea, which may be related to Greek ἀλθος althos ("healing"). Yvonne came from her father, was french in origin, and is the female form of Yvon which is derived from the Germanic name Yves. It is from the Germanic word iv, meaning "yew". Since yew wood was used for bows, "Ivo" may have been an occupational name meaning "archer". These middle names is may also related to both Asclepius and Apollo.

And Gertrude was a pseudonym.

Appearance Edit

Gert is a young woman of well-built with fair complexion. Her body has a straight posture which depicted as a svelte figure and her arms appeared to be slender, causing few people underestimate her at the first sight as a weak lady in spite of actually, having occupation as a judoka with black belt.

Her skin considerably smooth with soft texture and it is somewhat pallor, as she appeared to be an European girl. No acne nor freckle appeared on her countenance, yet the skin is somewhat sensitive as it will turn into a little flush during the activities that emits sweats or getting excessive sunburn.

She possesses an ladylike face with oval-shaped. She is portrayed with sharp nose, sensitive ears, a pair of round eyes with neither so thick nor so thin eyebrows, and long eyelashes. Gertrude has ivory coloured hair with initially pixie-cut style back in Lacrimoxea, but then she let her hair longer and cut it into bob style that barely cover her nape- which she changes its style frequently. Even though, she usually lets her hair loose.

The notable physical feature that distinguish her from the other is the three colours that could occupied the pristine oculars with keen and stern, dim yet piercing sight of her eyes besides sapphire as the original colour. They are gold, amethyst and green which each one represents its power (this will be explained later). They are changeable depending to the power she uses.

Ability and Invulnerability Edit

She lives in the protection of many, such as Apollo God of Music, Poetry, Art, Oracles, Archery, Plague, Medicine, Sun, Light and Knowledge; Hygieia Goddess of Health; Panacea Goddess of Universal remedy and more, since she's a mortal, daughter of Asclepius. She was endowed with some powers especially from God Apollo.

Enhanced Healing Edit

Gert can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing broken or withered plants, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases. She can’t raise the dead, however reviving people if they have very recently died may be possible. Small wounds will regenerate new tissue, large wounds like missing limbs and broken bones need to be put back together if the injury is fresh, or they can be regenerated by advanced healers.

She actually can resurrect the dead, and she knew it. But if she does it, her life span reduced for 2 days and she'll have a problems, she may be killed by Zeus or eliminated by Hades.

Applications Edit

  • Curing; the user can remove various conditions from themselves or others, returning to the original, unmodified state and/or gain a pure condition free from all outside conditions. This is a special variation of healing that restore a their normal condition by removing any form of illness, diseases, mutation, obtained powers or skills or behavioral shifts which are caused by spells, hypnosis and mind control.
  • Disease Sense; the user is able to sense the presence of diseases in others or in the surrounding environment and identify them.#Internal Bodily Cleansing; the user can "cleanse" others of any impurities within their physical bodies (narcotics, radiation, etc.) This applies only to said impurities and does not extend to healing any actual wounds.

Biokinesis Edit

User can manipulate organic matter with the mind. However she can't kill a victim, but causing their body to be ridden with tumors, give a person a heart attack, a stroke, or hibernate a persons every bodily function. She can alter a persons DNA, and even alter another living creatures genetic code. She can alter her own body as well, making their own skin as hard as steel, or make her own body as flexible as rubber. Rod can increase her own physical attributes dramatically, and spontaneously heal even potentially fatal wounds. A biokinetic can cure even the deadliest of diseases in herself, and others.

Applications Edit

  • Body Modification; the user can change and modify the bodies of oneself and others down to genetic level, enhancing physical capabilities, modify it to be able to uses certain powers, etc.
  • Cellular Disintegration; the user can dissolve any sort of organic cells, including plant, bone, or even fertile dirt and dissolve them, destroying them at a cellular or even protein level, allowing them to destroy their targets, either by a specific part or outright disintegration. They can also dissolve viral or germ like cells from their own body for self-treatment.
  • Corporeal Evacuation; the user can induce oneself and others to excrete, remove the waste products of metabolism and other non-useful materials from the body in various ways, including sweating, sneezing, vomiting, etc. Resourceful uses can even use these excretions as makeshift weaponry or tools.
  • Dermal Armor; the user has or can generate an innate armor as a part of their body, which is resistant to attacks, harm or pain and temperature extremes. The armor varies from obvious, physical defenses, such as scales, thick skin/fur, natural shield, armor or shell, in-organic skin, etc, to bone-nodules below skin, particularly wide/sturdy rib-cake, blubber, or simply dense muscle.
  • Essence Manipulation; The user can analyze, shape and manipulate the essence, the attribute or set of attributes such as that make an entity (animal, human, supernatural creatures, etc.) or substance/matter what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity. They can manipulate genetic essence including genotype which can change the entity in any way that can make it better. They can even influence the essence of dead organic matter to reconstitute that being and bring them back to life. The user can change the essence of the target's soul into any type of different soul like of a different species or that of a different entity or individual.
  • Genetic Memory; the user is able to access memories and information stored in their genetic code. In most cases, this results in the user calling upon their ancestors or relatives, while in other cases, this is the result of DNA Replication/Absorption or Symbiosis.
  • Hibernation; the user can enter a coma-like state and appear dead, either for safety reasons or to heal.

Immunity of Illusion Edit

User can detect all illusion nearby since this ability always turned on. Each illusion that aimed at Roderika not too effective to make her down/failed in the battle. This ability quietly useful on battle group.

Scientiakinesis Edit

The user can manipulate any kind of information/knowledge, including create, control and destroy knowledge. By creating knowledge they insert new knowledge into the universe that becomes established fact and reality, while destroying does the opposite. An enemy could be made to forget how to walk, while an ally could be given the knowledge of an enemy's weaknesses or mastery of a fighting style.

Expert Combatant Edit

Not too depends on a few powers above, Roderika prefer using melee combat while battling since she is a judoka. Assisted with Biokinesis, this may be the best weapon for her.

Medal Records Games Division Host City

Silver Medal

2011 European Judo Championship lightweight (-57kg) Vienna, Austria
Gold Medal 2011 World Judo Championship lightweight (-57kg) Paris, France
Silver Medal 2012 Summer Olympic half middleweight (-63kg) London, United Kingdom
Gold Medal 2012 European Judo Championship middleweight (-70kg) Chelyabinsk, Russia
Silver Medal 2013 European Judo Championship half middleweight (-63kg) Budapest, Hungary
Gold Medal 2014 World Judo Championship middleweight (-70kg) Chelyabinsk, Russia
Silver Medal 2014 Winter Olympic middleweight (-70kg) Sochi, Russia

Weakness and Vulnerability Edit

Roderika fears clowns, which is know as coulrophobic. This fear started appear at the age of 5.

Healing ability doesn't take a quick time. Also if she uses this ability, her vigilance and defense decrease drastically, to 50%

Roderika's eyes color changes every time she uses a different power. The order of the colors are blue-golden-amethyst-green; Blue eyes for Immunity of Illusion, golden for Biokinesis, amethyst for Scientiakinesis, and green for Healing ability. Her eye color is usually blue, since "Immunity of Illusion" is always enabled-- or can't be turned off. When she uses one of her ability, at first she have to feels the agony; extremely torturing in her eyes. All of Gert's eye colors (except blue) going back to blue after 12 hours inactivation.

Her weak spot is on the forehead, with unrevealed reason. She's further protect that spot other than any parts of her body.

She most abhors violence and she has no intention to be violent except on battle or competition; if she's really forced to help her friend. But still, she can't do harm on people constantly, she can't stand it. She'll give up instantly, other than severely injured victims.

To disguising as a normal human, she vowed not to utilize Enchanced Healing and Biokinesis anymore.

Battle and Personal Statistics
Offense 7/10
Defense 9/10


Vigilance 8/10
Charisma 6/10
Courage 7/10
Diligence 9/10
Wits 9/10
Sagacity 8/10

History Edit

Yet to be revealed.

Relationship Edit

Coming soon.

Writer's Zone Edit

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