Nigel Allander





24 years old




180 cm

Blood Type

O RhD negative

Professional Status

Tödlich Asylum


Doctor (mental specialist)

Base of Operations

Tödlich Asylum

Personal Status


"Character is the result of two things ; mental attitude and the way we spend our time."

— Nigel Allander

Personality Edit

The first impression of him is that he looks cocky, arrogant, and self-centered--not the kind of people that will be instantly liked in a first glance. He appears as cold, stiff, and formal--although he strictly stated that formality isn't his thing. As a mental doctor that requires much capabillity to keep himself under control, it forced him to get out from his hot-tempered and straightforward way to take care of things. But sometimes, as young and as inexperienced as he is, he still maintains his puberty attitude, mannerisms, and behaviours. He secretly worries about his patients conditions--whether it's his patients-in-responsibility or not, but was shown reluctant to express his affections toward them. By time, he gradually took sincere and earnest liking toward his patients.

Background Edit

Not much is known about him. Further investigations are needed.

Relationships Edit

Ciell Haruru Aldrich Edit


— Ciell Haruru Aldrich

Haruru is one of the first patients that was assigned to him. Although Haruru admitted to Nigel that he is androgynous, he preferred to think Haruru as a male, for no reason--an instinct, we can say that. Nigel considered Haruru as nice, plain and good in otome games, as Nigel was once taught by Haruru how to play the game. ( In which Nigel really sucks at it. ) Setting aside Haruru's loud and shrill voice while shouting. But now, Nigel was left wondering by Haruru ; as Haruru was nowhere to be seen around the asylum. Shortly stating.. Haruru's missing.

Vi Edit

"Mr. Allander...? I guess I saw him as a reliable, kind, and confident man. Even though I would have to admit that he is quite.." She pauses, "..daring, I suppose. Even though I would say that the person I trust the most in this Asylum is Mr. Allander. Even though he can be quite annoying at times."

— Vi.

He met Vi a while ago when he was interviewed for his job at Todlich. From his point of view, he considered Vi as one of his best co-workers in the asylum--especially when Vi called him not long ago, and admitted to him that she herself had her own mental illnesses. After that, he made sure to treat her carefully, whether as a coworker, or a friend outside the asylum.

Skadi Lithium Neon Edit

"That ogre doctor, huh. High as fuck like you can reach coconut tree. An asshole who can't fight but act all high and mighty, kinda like an ogre."

— Skadi Lithium Neon.

Skadi was recently assigned to him, in which Nigel admitted that he's kinda surprised at this improvement. Skadi's personality and him don't mix up well, but for some reason, he learned much the good usage of cursing words from Skadi. Until now, he's a bit sentimental to Skadi for his actions that once disturbed his other patient, named Viscetta. He planned for a goddamn lecture for Skadi, for who knows when.

Riel Clearant Edit

"Nigel? He's.." He rubbed his own chin, before exclaiming, "Funny, and adorable! I'm guessing and betting that he's a tsundere!"

— Riel Clearant.

One of the clingy patients Nigel ever had. Riel managed to stole kiss on his lips twice, but that didn't shake him off from his belief...of what,it's unknown. Although Riel is not his patient-in-responsibility, he often finds himself taking care of Riel, whether it was in a certain pub or just for a slight fun. That now, one of his hobbies is to tease Riel with Nigel's expression as pokerface as possible. Riel may thought him as a tsundere, but deep inside Nigel's heart, he always denies it.

Theodore Durandall Edit

"He is my prey.." Theo said, as he licked his own lips. "Oh well, just kidding. He's reliable, and he could easily understand me. He's got a bit of sarcastic side inside him--but that's normal. I think of him as a sweet tsundere." He stopped, before adding, "Though I'm looking forward to see him blushing over little things, he's too stiff sometimes."

— Theodore Durandall.

The circumstances of where and when the first meeting of Theo and Nigel occured is still unrevealed. But, their interactions showed that they've been getting along for some time. Nigel would go to Theo for some assuring and sadistic advices in order to handle his patients. It would end up with Theo's refusal and Nigel's smirk of amusement. He considered the 7-cm-taller-guy as his really good comrades. But there was once an event where Theo almost got his ammunitions ready just because Riel forgot to pay his food and beverages at the certain pub, and Nigel quickly came to cover Riel up. Heck, he wouldn't want a trouble between a pub and an asylum.

A. Eric Vigouroux Edit

"What? That doctor? He's an arrogant, cold, and somewhat prick scum. I can guarantee that he does not even know the real concept of socializing with people!"

— A. Eric Vigouroux.

Once, they happened to have a debate about sexual things, that resulted in Nigel's loss of words. It was his shameful moments, and ended up with him having a slight sentimental toward Eric's existence. Putting that aside, he thought of Eric as a very difficult patient with various complicated way of thinking. He wonders, when will Eric get his doctor? Nigel would look forward to see how the future-doctor handles a person like Eric.

Olivier Quill Edit

"Doctor Nigel? We haven't talked much, but pretty sure we're on good terms at each other."

— Olivier Quill.

Olivier and Nigel, we must say that they haven't known each other well besides from work. But this one person shook Nigel's skeptical side--he NEVER expects to meet a person with a telepathical ability just like Olivier. Pretty sure, Nigel knows that Olivier could read his mind freely, so he tried to make himself invisible--that is, with being spontaneous.

Atlas Edit

"Doctor Rabbit is Doctor Rabbit. Tea-licious. Earl Grey."

— Atlas.

He was not assigned to Atlas, but yet, he couldn't keep his eyes off to observe his attitude and antiques. Firstly shown from his point of view, Atlas is a patient with 'Alice-in-Wonderland' type of hallucination. Until now, he doesn't know why Atlas called him as 'Doctor Rabbit'. There is one event where Atlas had a sore throat, and Nigel tried to help him by giving him the sore throat candy. In which, Atlas hesitantly refused, for Nigel hath not been known the reason why. But it resulted to Atlas putting a sentimental air between him and Nigel. But soon, informally, they were making up again, I suppose?

Miyako Edit

"Doctor Nigel. He's kind!" She exclamated, cheerfully. But soon, her expression was twisted into a disappointed one. "But unfortunately, he forbid me to kill people and become a sex god.."

— Miyako.

"That's improper, Miyako. Sex god is not a good god." He facepalmed, replying to her. This was also caused by Ericwhen he and Nigel had a debate about sexual things, turned out the other was watching them. And worstly, influenced. Nigel viewed Miyako as a plain, and good girl, as she once gave him a paper crane. But he still wonders, who is theSmile-san that Miyako always managed to tell Nigel about the Smile-san ?

Nakahara Kaoru Edit

"Nigel is like Dad."

— Nakahara Kaoru

His real interactions with Kaoru was when --he?-- tried to look for cockroach, for his snack. In panic, Nigel's quick to offer his Orei, the biscuit-chocolated snack, to Kaoru, resulting in his acceptance of the offer.