Riel Clareant
Name Riel Clareant
Katakana リエル•̪クラリアント
Alias Riel
Birthday 10th November
Age 30 (Human)

1615 (Demon)

Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Demon
Height 183 cm
Weight 62 kg
Gender Male
Bloodtype AB
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Silver
Professional Statistics
Occupation Ex-Assassin
Affiliation Dollar Over Soul Guild

『Iт wαѕ αll preттy, wαѕɴ’т ιт? Oυr pαтнroαdѕ. Bυт ιт αll wιтнered.』— Riel Clareant.

Riel Clareant is one of Tödlich Asylum's patient.

Riel is an ex-assassin with classification E who suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder. He lives at Basement 3 in the asylum.


Riel has three kind of personalities with different characters.

  • First, his human personality.

This side of his personality caused him to act no different with normal human and able to interact normally. Some of Riel's human personalities are: rude, short-tempered, an apparent dislike to be ignored or derided, likes to tease others, lovely at unexpected times, and finds it hard to express his true feelings. In Japanese term, that's probably what so called 'tsundere'.

  • Second, his demon personality.

This side of personality caused him to act unlike normal human and always have the desire to kill. Some of its characteristics are: quiet, cold-blooded, psycho, sly, arrogant, narcistic, nechrophilic, also he has confidence beyond normal (crazy?).

  • Third, mixed personality.

This side of personality emerges when Riel set his foot for the first time in human world while taking human's form. A mental impact happened to him and caused him to have another personality. Commonly, this mixed personality appears when Riel is piled up with stress toward something. Some of its characteristics are: always think negatively, hate lights and prefer to hide under the dark, masochist (fond of hurting himself), and even kick off every people who want to get closer to him. (More likely sensitive)


1. His human personality and demon personality aren't confined by his mixed personality. Three of them are different to each other.

2. His personality can change after he is awake from a deep sleep. If he only take an usual sleep (without having a dream), his current personality won't change.

3. His personality can also change if Riel recalls the bad memories during his life.

Appearance Edit

Riel appeared as a silver-haired man with gray eyes. He usually wear thin clothes that showed most of his skin because that kind of clothes is convenient for sudden battle in Demon Realm. But in the Human World, he mostly wear thick clothes because his lack of capability to adapting with cold temperature. It has something to do with one of Riel's ability, Fire element. The true form of him is a wolf. A white wolf with red eyes. 

  • Riel's appearance in Demon Realm
  • Riel's appearance in Human World
  • Riel's true form


Riel was born as a descendant of Lucifer with his mother, Astaroth. Unfortunately, Riel was kidnapped by a servant as he was considered a possible threat to the demon realm. He was near to be killed but saved by a guard that witnessing the kidnapper. Fear of getting killed by Lucifer, the servant sent both Riel and the guard to the human world. The guard didn't survive long, as he was a mere low-class devil. Riel was eventually found by a woman coincidentally working as an assassin. The woman sensed fear as she met Riel's eyes. Felt defeated, the woman named Regina Adelicia decided to raise Riel and used the nature talent of the baby. Riel is unexceptionally brilliant. He mastered the material to the extent of college student in age 12. Even so, the most appealing trait acknowledged by Regina is Riel's personality. There are times where his job is done quickly, once Riel becomes a psychopath. And when his mission is in ruin, he would turn quiet. Regina was devastated that she realized she might have actually fostering a terribly dangerous child. Acknowledging the issue, Riel left Regina to survive on his own.

One day, young Riel met with a white snake that draws his attention. The snake led him to the portal towards Demon Realm, where Riel could meet his mother, Astaroth. Astaroth explained the truest identity of her son, which Riel had to believe since it correlates to the ability he has. Though, since the Demon Realm is still in mess, Astaroth was given only little time to meet him. Astaroth suggest Riel to make offspring so the blood keep running. Riel returned to the human world without realizing the time difference of the two realms.

Riel later found a suitable job—resuming his work as an assassin, and was charged to leave to Russia. He met a man whom he fell in love at the first sight with. He approached the man as a woman, and gave birth to their lovechild. Their relationship did not last long however—when their child aged 6, the husband left and took their child away. Riel fell to a great depression, which led him to become stolid and hurt himself. He gave away his body to man mashers, ending up derided as 'public toilet'. His destructive personality emerged. Riel put over chaos of murder cases that looks like suicide. His human personality sensed an inept and decided to go through a psychiatric check, that led him to end up in the asylum.


1. Lucifer (Unknown) 


"You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything. And then, God The little...hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you more than him. And I said, "Father...I can't." I said, "These humans beings...are flawed, murderous. And for that...God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now tell me...does the punishment fit the crime? Especially, when I was right? Look at what 6 billion of you have done to this thing. And how many of you blame me for it?" — Lucifer to Human

Fallen angel then became the leader of Demon Realm. Riel's biological father.

2. Astaroth (Unknown)

"Don't worry. Your mom always watching you even just from afar. I'm certain we will meet again someday. Okay now go! Don't even dare to look back!" — Astaroth to Riel


Astaroth is a very ancient Goddess. Astaroth is Beelzebub's granddaughter. She has always been very popular and much loved. She has been known by several different names. Astaroth known as a goddess of fertility, love, and war. Riel's biological mother. 

3. Lux Knight Clareant (Unknown)

"I don't care if you guys booing me, just don't scorn my parents!" — Lux to his friends

-rpX8dLr.jpg large

Riel's biological son with his ex-boyfriend. Lux loves Riel because since birth until 15 years old, Lux was raised by Riel alone. However, at age 16, his father took Lux and then eventually leave Riel.


4. Edgar Alphard Ijyuin (Alive)

"I was busy with several things and problems. It has been a common thing that everyone has each other's problems, right?" — Edgar to Riel

OmfZM-xF.jpg large

Brotherly relationship between Riel and Edgar started when Riel protecting Edgar from a vampire who wanted to do something to Edgar. Because they're both already familiar with each other, then Riel decided to form a bond of brotherhood and Edgar just going through the appropriate grooves. But they still can not trust each other until now.

5. Ahayama Hiro (Alive)

"Candiess!! It's been a while! And merry christmasss, Riel onii-chan!!" — Hiro to Riel

A man who is considered as an older brother by Hiro, not biologically though. All began in a day when Hiro didn't want to go home, because his father—for dozen times— brought Maria back to their house. Thus, he decided to spend the rest of the night outside. Yet, he didn't actually know where to go. Sitting quietly on the bench at the park, a figure approached him, apparently it was Riel. The older man kindly let Hiro stay in his house. And at that time too, Hiro told Riel everything about his family—about how he appeared to be an adopted children, how severe his mother treated him, which he never told to anyone before. Henceforth, Riel's place is just like a second home for him. Whenever Hiro didn't want to go home, Riel's house will always be the place for him to take shelter.


- From french word, Riel means the king of kings or something greater than perfection.

- From latin word, Clareant means the shine.

- Actually Riel is a man. But sometimes he can change to be a woman. He is a demon after all,so he can change his gender because it is one of the capabilities of the demon.

- Riel's birthday taking of the date he came to the human world, not the date of birth himself.

- He likes : All kind of Steak ,Chocolate Parfait , Dog , Eroge Game and Manga , Blood and Flesh, Sex , Darkness

- He dislikes : Vegetables , Papaya , Ice Tea , Useless People , Messy Spot, Worm, Cat , Light