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Skadi was one of the patient in Tödlich Asylum that was ranked E with two mental illness which is Personal Disorder caused by living with his mother and the second one was Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the torture he got from his mother when she got emotionally angry. Currently lived in Basement 3 of Asylum.

Skadi Lithium Neon

"Death Arcana"
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Tödlich Asylum



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Tödlich Asylum, Basement 3

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Physical Appereance Edit

He is a young person with an androgynous appearance with particularly bright white skin and big eyes leading most to believe that he is a girl upon first meeting him. He has many stitch marks, for the sewing of wounds just for hobby and fashion. His bangs are clipped up with red hair pins in a roman numeral 13 pattern, with large pupils that leaves an eerie and frightening impression. His hair was dark coloured which is always being hidded by a large hat. His right leg is a prosthetic which has compartments to carry knives in. He has a long black dragon tatoo on the back, and a word "F U C K" on his left fingers and "D E A T H" on his right fingers.

Personality Edit

Skadi personality was originally normal, but as a result of his mother harsh treatment. He no longer feels any fear, and morals. He is also extremely violent and disturbed. He usually describes his killing methods to be clean, without needless movements, which is a skill he seems to take pride in.

Due to his mother nurture, Skadi became rather harsh than the way he before. He without even realize has already had his mother way of talking and such.

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Power and Abilities Edit

Skadi is a gifted acrobatic combatant with a unorthodox fighting style. His style of fighting more like uses his unpredictable behavior in order to surprise his enemies and violently finishes them off. 

Skadi is sadistically sloppy and fools around in the battlefield. Skadi also has a strong tolerance to pain which is evident by the number of stitches covering his body and how he casually stitched a flower pattern onto his palm without any visible expression of pain. He is a skilled knife wielder, attacking and throwing with deadly efficiency.

Criminal Coefficient Edit

At first, he tends to kill not because he genuinely loves it. It because a coercion from his mother. His mother was a chemistry holic and do whatever for the sake of her experiment. Skadi is a tools for her to steal some chemistry compound and equipment and whatever she wants.

Due to that, he ever nearly died and lost one of his leg which his mother utilize that trim to be one of her experiment to create a fake leg which is a place to hide his weapon now.

By now, his mother was already killed while being assasinate by a group that ministry hire. He also being arrested and was sended to the Asylum with a reason he is innocent. Innocent because what all he did is because his mother was forcing him.

Skadi and her mother was already an enemy for government due to some big incident they cause. That's the reason Skadi was placed to SS rank basement.

Trivia Edit

- Skadi is to be meant as one of Mythology God of Ice

- Lithium and Neon was one of name of compound.

- 13 (XIII) is also the Death Arcana. Apart from the grim reaper parallels it can represent loss, conclusion, sadness, transition into a new state, psychological transformation, and deep change. The number can also be associated with his hair clip.

- Skadi was genuinely hates a noisy, childish person also quiet person.

Skadi back tattoo

Skadi back tattoo