18 (as Vi)

19 (as Liegn)




5'1" feet


December 22nd

March 17th (as Liegn)

Blood Type

AB, RhD negative

Professional Status



Previous Occupation

Head Archivist (as Vi)

Base of Operations

Tödlich Asylum

Personal Status


Missing (as Vi)


None known


Divided Mind

Enhanced Intelligence

Currently living under the identity of Liegn, Vi was the receptionist of Tödlich Asylum, and also the head archivist up until now. To the public Vi's current whereabouts is unknown—she has been missing since the asylum crumbled down to nothing. Currently nobody has found out about her previous identity.

Physical Characteristics Edit

She has a nicely-shaped, fair countenance crowned in long, albicant locks, with a very vague hint of hyacinthine highlighting quite a few strands. Dollish visage decorated with grey irises (with a hint of sapphire circling her pupils) that gleams with curiosity, along with roseate streaks upon her cheeks. She is often depicted wearing feminine articles of clothing, and on some rare occasions, a pair of shorts. She usually wears shirts or sweaters two or three times above her size, and extremely oversized jackets and coats. This is caused by her opinion that oversized clothings are more comfortable, (when in reality she is just hiding the bandages covering her scars). She is an ambidextrous, and she is more intelligent than average.

She was noted to have atrous locks once as Vi, but it is noted that she, as Liegn, has been around with albicant locks ever since her appearance.

Personality Snapshot Edit

Other than her unstable mental state, she is a pistanthrophobic, aseptic misanthropist, and self-proclaimed sapiosexual. On stage, she is a cold and very sharp-tongued critic, often commiting harangue. As for her attitude behind closed curtains, she is merely a laconic, agelast wallflower. As an individual who prefers hygge over conflicts and chaos, she claims to have experienced drapetomania a few times in her life. She is often said to actually be rather obsequious, despite her deleterious words. She is also noted to be rather self-conscious, which explains her occasional thoughts of herself being nothing more than a slubberdegullion with alexithymia.

As opposed to many who falls in love quite easily, and her older self, she is now the type of female who views others as nothing more but vessels with filipendulous lifespans that she should not become attached to, due to her ways of thinking and her past experiences. She is also not one to be flustered easily, often brushing off flirtations and many romantic implications as unimportant and disturbing. (Though unknown to most patients and workers since she is able to blush fakely.)

During her time as Liegn, she is shown to have very little to no abilities in recalling her previous ‘life’ as Vi. This, again, is presumably caused by the fall of the asylum, which had possibly caused her a few major injuries here and there. That occurrence has also presumably have caused a psychogenic amnesia to happen. In her own discretion, a separate "consciousness" (Vi's) often bothers her. The scars on her arms is the remnants of Liegn's method to keep her control over the other.

Quotes Edit

Balthioul, provide me a place under your wings.
Zaapiel, overlook me.
Sizouze, hear my prayers.
Zachriel, seventeen years is all I have to offer.
Purah, make me forget.
Dumah, silence my thoughts.
Yehudiah, keep me company.
Harahel, I will now intrude your sanctuary.

Capabilities Edit

  • Divided Mind.

The user is subjected to these personalities, which can be evoked at variable times. The separate identity inhabiting the user's hosting body is attributed as a specific symbiote. Currently, only one of her alternate egos is known (to herself), which is Vi, her former self.

  • Enhanced Intelligence.

The user has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect; possessing exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.

Weaknesses Edit

  • She is infamous for her tendency to be clumsy when she is scared.
  • Divided Mind acts as nothing more than a hassle for herself, as she is shown to have difficulties keeping herself in check at times (along with severe headaches), presumably keeping her other egos at bay.
  • She tends to avoid fights—often choosing a verbal fight over physical fights because she is noted for her lacking physical abilities.
  • She has a weak body—most probably because of the illness which she has, known by the name Isolated primary immunoglobulin M deficiency.
  • She has Achluophobia, Agoraphobia, Agraphobia, Dysmophobia, Myctophobia, Phasmophobia and Vitricophobia.
  • Even though she prefers to keep this as classified as possible, she has a severe case of social anxiety that chains her to the asylum—presumably to prevent her from getting too much exposure to any kind of interactions and then breaking down.


  • She is actually suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Dissociative Disorder, though after further inspection Emyr approved her position as a worker instead of a patient, as long as she is willing to receive help from the psychiatrists if necessary.
  • She is noted to act more as a demisexual, and is believed to be one, as well.
  • She is a librocubicularist.
  • She is capable of speaking English and Bahasa quite well, as well as a bit of German, Greek and Latin.
  • She has a snow-white owl and a small, blue songbird, the latter being kept inside a cage unlike the former. Her owl is sometimes seen outside the asylum, most probably hunting, but it always returns to her room whenever she is off work.
  • The drastic change her hair colour had taken is presumably caused by a certain condition called the Marie Antoinette Syndrome, possibly triggered by the destruction of the asylum that had almost taken her life as well.