Her "other" persona.


Viscetta (given by Nigel Allander)






Physically around 15 years old (actual age still remaining unknown).




145 centimetres.



Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Tödlich Asylum

Previous Affiliation

Lix Tetractio.



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Personal Status




Viscetta is a schizophrenic that was taken into custody in Tödlich Asylum. Despite her quite dollish features, she is still noted to harness a few abilities that could very well destroy anything.

She is suffering from severe Dissociative Disorder and a minor case of PTSD.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Her face is almond-shaped, with a slightly pointed nose and thin, roseate lips, complimented with her naturally-pink cheeks. Her hair is very long, easily reaching past her waist, to the back of her knees even when it is put up on a high ponytail. Its colour is white, even though it is often shown in a very light shade of pink. And to top it all off, she has a pair of wide, gleaming puniceous opthalmics decorated in such a way by her long eyelashes.

Her build is very idyllic and statuesque, even though it is still well-built for doing maneuvres, etc. Her complexion is rather pallid, with a few permanent scars here and there on her lower back and sides, even though they are easily concealed by her items of clothing. Viscetta is also noted to be an ambisinister.

Personality Snapshot Edit

Viscetta was a very timid, pussilanimous, quiet and milquetoast damsel who apparently is rather prodigal. Even now, she is still very fragile, despite the indifferent and expressionless persona she developed along the years. The most prominent personality trait of hers is her placid, apathetic, stolid, tepid, and enigmatic nature. Her best qualities is that she is able to withstand opprobrious, virulent, and vitriolic behaviours upon herself, even when her tolerance to pain is rather low. The worst qualities in her is her inability to process emotions like normal humans, notably making her an aseptic. She is also a presumptuous figure, which notably makes her a desingenuous figure. She views herself rather badly because she loathed her hypocrisy and the nihilism that had befall her.

Her general attitude is very placid, apathetic, tepid, farouche and indifferent, her presumptuous nature causing herself to be a byzantine figure. Herself being desingenuous contrasted greatly with her being a terrible liar, though, which is noted by her tendency to avert her gaze and fidget whenever she's lying. Because of this, she often revels only a small fraction of the truth instead of lies. Her taciturn nature helped this decision of hers, and it resulted in her being compendious most of the time.

Although she is noted to become the complete opposite once she is forced to utilize her powers, and was forced to yield under the crazed persona her overwhelming abilities had developed. This was presumably created due to her nihilistic beliefs, that she had nothing and it was only fair to make all of those around her lose everything as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Viscetta didn't have a name, her current name is given by Nigel Allander.
  • She lost her abilities to talk when she was captured, her refusal to reveal anything about her affiliation caused her captors to injure her vocal chord. The injury was severe enough to rob off her ability to make any sounds.
  • She is incapable of using sign language. Her means of communication are through paper and weird movements.
  • She is currently being handled by the owner, Emyr himself, because of her "other" persona that woke up during the destruction of the former building and made her mental state more unstable than ever. Her current cell is only accessable to Emyr and Liegn.

Relationships Edit

  • Jonathan Trnka Vierhauser.

As her superior, he is (was) the only person in the whole organization who has Viscetta's respect. Jonathan treated her the way he would a diamond, like she was the only thing that he had concerns for. It is quite evident, however, that Viscetta is attracted romantically to the said man. His status remains unknown since her capture.